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Providing Restoration Services in Quinte Since 1980


Building Restoration Contractors first opened its doors in Southwest Ontario during the 1940s, and then moved to Quinte in the 1980s. Founded by Clarence and Ken Koebel, the business has been passed down the family and is now in the hands of its fourth generation of leadership. Our main line of work is total exterior and interior renovations, including sales and installation of siding soffit fascia and accessories with competitive pricing. In the past, we have also taken up church and steeple restoration projects that we completed successfully. We pride ourselves on our ability and skills to offer all kinds of building restoration services to our clients. We are ready to take on any challenge presented to us.

If you’re looking for quality restoration services in Belleville, Prince Edward County, or Quinte, we’ll be happy to serve you.

We Focus on Quality First


Our first and foremost priority is our clients and their requirements out of a restoration project. We provide our services at an affordable rate to serve our clients better, without compromising the quality of our work. We have done a lot of work with different types of roofing, including specialized roofing according to our clients’ needs. We are also especially experienced and skilled in stone and brickwork.

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We Can Build Everything


Got a complex building project but don’t know any local business that’s up to the task? Leave it to us. Our skilled builders will help you realize your vision, with reasonable prices that won’t break the bank. From simple renovation and home improvement work to room additions, construction management, and more, we’re happy to be of assistance.


Need Experienced Builders And Restorers?

We can help turn your vision for your building into reality.

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